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This social enterprise keeps its business and charity separate

Social Enterprise Models to Mirror: Keeping Business and Social Enterprise Close but not together,

The #kindnesseconomy or new capitalism model is centrally concerned with a turn away from profit generation to value creation. That value creation needs to be about sustainability beyond the organization itself and the clarion call is for a focus on

  • People
  • Product
  • Planet

It would seem that a genuine % of UK industry [both production and investment] will be drawn toward this change; either by choice or by peer group mimickery.

With this in mind, good exemplar practices are helpful to businesses, advocates and commentators alike as the probable and possible begin to work themselves out.

Recycling Lives is a business whose work is the business of recycling and whose employees are prisoners serving full terms in UK jails for a range of offences. The most impressive metric associated with this enterprise is that the re-offending rates among participants is 5% compared with a more general 35%. This alone saved the UK tax payer £7.4million in 2018-19 alone.

  • 500 people employees
  • 10% of prisons
  • This social enterprise keeps its business and charity separate


“If you follow our model and apply it to your business, you win the hearts and minds of your clients,” Steve Jackson founder

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