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SURVELIENCE AND PRODUCTIVITY TRACKING….Have you thought about what you may be signing up to

A large percentage of UK employees have expressed positive interest in increasing their home working profile after the Pandemic.

Likewise, many firms have released positive statements on the subject.

The control of productivity has long been an issue around home working. Many anxious firms stating it as their reason for not offering this mode of work more fully across their businesses.

Well where there is a problem there is usually a tec-solution: productivity tracking. There are a plethora of software capable of either overt or covert surveillance of remote workers

  • Output
  • Screen time
  • Surfing history
  • Access to keystrokes
  • Access to screen shots
  • Pretty much all activity.

Seemingly this software can be pre-installed on  work hardware with no consent needed in USA or awareness. There is no legal protection at this time.

In Europe, the situation is that if there is such surveillance activity, it must be made transparent but not necessarily require consent.

As people emerge from financial hardship, they are open to agreeing to punitive contractual relationships that may not be able to altered post implementation

Worth thinking about as an employee and employer. For the latter, if you do not intent to use then it is potentially an attractive marketable element of employment brand. If you do intend to use: tread carefully, just cause you can doesn’t mean you should……







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