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MINDFULNESS is great but what if you find it hard to swtich off? ZENTANGLE ANYONE ?

The case ‘for’ mindfulness has been well and truly made: game over, job done, concept sold, move on.

The positive life benefits spread over

  • Mental Relaxation in a hyper-stimulated world
  • Positive outlook on life thereby easing all social interaction and the efficacy of future decisions
  • Positive health outcomes associated with a reduction in stress & bodily inflammation: e.g. Type 2 diabetes, dementia risk both reduced
  • Fabulous. 

But it is so hard to actually do it. As in many things that are ‘good for us’ we know they are, we are positive toward them and still don’t do them. There is undoubtedly a will and skill element in play here.

To make time for something new means letting something else go or reduced in duration. Are you willing to do that?

The other issue is skill: how to ?

Meditation, just the word, can be off putting for people. That’s a whole debate in itself…….

I came across an alternative the other day. It is for people who are ‘doers’; find it hard to stop action and pause. This is an active process, easy and accessible. I gave it a go and rather enjoyed it. I have done several.

ZENTANGLEPhyl's Attempts...Not fine Art But R&R

Get a piece of paper, a pen, a cuppa and off you go.



This Book is OK ...I thought

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