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Collection of Reflections to end week 10 of Lockdown


Smart works is a great charity that aims to link women who are attending job interviews with brand new outfits, a style mentor and a confidence mentor. High impact and immediate. I was just about to  sign up as a confidence mentor for LEEDS when Lockdown happened. I can wait and will pick it up Autumn I imagine.

Meantime I signed in for this virtual workshop “Fashion Club” yesterday to see what’s-what. It was with Josh Wood world-wide high impact hair colourist. Nice offering, reasonable price to sign in. It was less about the hair and more about hearing this man’s journey to a world-wide career. In the latter sense, a great booking as it spoke of humility and self believe driving ambition forward. As well as a fair amount of talent.



Alison and I had the chance to talk to a fast paced, young bright, high impact business this week whose policies and practices with reagrd to their employees was best in class, truly impressive.

One of the things we spoke about was mental health and LEXIT anxiety. All three of us on the call wondered where the numbers would land as in terms of the working population of the UK who were:

1] Happy to be back in the office

2] Nervous at first but adapting

3] Extremely anxious.

In my professional practice I’ve seen most things roughly land as a third a third a third, but with this who knows?

This engaing firm shared they were providing mental health support for returnees which was so welcome to hear. In addition they had already surveyed their teams and had a rough idea of how many people would be wanting to work from home longer term. Some anxiety based but others had really appreciated the chance to work from home and vary their engagement

My guess is that many firms will follow Facebook and twitter in offering the freedom to choose. I hear this morning of a finance firm [Richard Dunbar of Aberdeen Standard Investment on BBC 5 Wake-up-to-Money] whose firm are requiring  home-working till the end of 2020. One would imagine they are a] not alone in finance 2] will choose to continue the practice.


I am vry excited to be mentoring the live and emergent research process of a young Yorkshire based woman who, using her impeccable connections is researching the BAME specific impact of COVID. It is pleasure to support this research theme and this woman whose energy side swipes me on every call. Fabulous.


CEO of Waterstones the Bookseller was speaking about store re-opening on 15th June. He shared many interesting and helpful insights but I tuned in to his firm’s noticing of the return to old familiar novels during Lockdown. Seemingly we have all reached for our well thumbed friends for reassurance in a book.  I did Little Women and Anne of Green Gables. What can I say, I’m on trend.

He also pointed out that without instore inspiration via promotions and staff advice, people were not trying new authors or latest publications. So…..scroll forward….this does re enforce the belief that the purpose of the high street is not the purchase but the engagement. Dual channel: online selling high street telling.



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