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Leaders & Entrepreneurs Build for the 2020s

Dr Phyl Hughes

If the previous decade’s ECONOMIC GROWTH was symbolised buy a Bull Market and overinflated IPOs with vaulting valuations, the next will be about the turn toward the kindnesseconomy and sustainability. Recession is coming yes, but we still need our business builders our leaders and pioneering brave entrepreneurs to GROW UK PLC. There will be a skill shift, here’s a few ‘rethinks’ to consider.

  1. From fast track to valuation toward sustainability via profitability. Nothing about the years ahead with be about quick wins, slow growth is highly likely and that needs profit and slack in the system to invest. Good profit hunters will prosper focusing on the right strategies with the right people, leadership etc. to find and sustain value. If it’s not core it’s not happening. And costs, they as well as sales will be central.
  2. Less ME more US: entrepreneurs as stewards and enablers not charismatic outliers. As wisdom, restraint and humility all fit growth that’s steady as she goes, there are likely to be less ego dizzying mavericks about. Capital will undoubtedly chase meaningful missions and their steady leaders. Leadership is far more likely to be distributed than person-centric.
  3. Advoates of triple bottom line, kindnesseconomy, and social responsibility will be the star turns of the 2020s. People, Planet, Profit is needed to meet complex and maturing stakeholder needs and expectations. Customers buy from business they buy-into and so socioeconomic status matters. Leaders who know what they value, can articulate that in troubled times and can inspire and lead value-driven business will thrive. This is by default multi-dimensional and not at all unitary; not just the entrepreneur and their idea but the health and sustained wealth of the business.
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